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  1. 徐工ET110和ET111步履式挖掘机 看看他的姿态和力量!

    徐工ET110和ET111步履式挖掘机 看看他的姿态和力量!

    2016-12-29 13:33:27.0
    这位员工在表演机械舞但并不需要移动他的身体,怎样完成的? 他聆听音乐节拍然后用遥控U乐国际娱乐。挖掘机就像是一部先进版的遥控车,有趣但充满力量感。Title: XCMG ET110 and ET111 Mobile Walking ExcavatorLook at the poise and power! Our staff masters the art of robot dance but barely moves his body. How? He listens to the beats and operates the excavator with a remote control. It’s just like a magnified  radio-control truck, fun but powerful.

  2. 徐工巴西基地


    2016-12-22 13:35:39.0
    徐工机械首先在2004年踏足巴西,随即建立了良好的信誉。在2011年,巴西建造厂计划得到确定。喜欢机械的朋友不要错过这个影片,因为它展示了徐工井然有序高技术水平的巴西生产线。粉丝更可以找出徐工机械如何在实地施工,协助巴西的重大建筑项目。Title: XCMG Brazil Manufacturing BaseXCMG Machines first set foot in Brazil in 2004 and soon built up a good reputation. In 2011, our Brazil manufacturing base was successfully launched. Machinery fans should not miss this video which displays the well-organized production line with an advanced technological level in Brazil. Fans can also find out how XCMG machinery is put into use and helps major construction projects throughout Brazil.

  3. ET110步履式挖掘机


    2016-12-14 13:38:29.0
    你知道徐工也有属于自己的超级英雄吗? 这个履式挖掘机是钢铁侠和蜘蛛侠的完善组合,成为了"钢铁蜘蛛侠"。飞越障碍和攀越高山,它的超能力令人赞叹!Do you know in XCMG we have a superhero of our own? This mobile excavator is a stunning combination of Ironman and Spiderman, well-known as the 'Iron Spiderman'. Able to roar through obstacles and climb over mountains, its superpower just wows the crowd!
  4. 我爱发明 - 徐工 LW1200K

    我爱发明 - 徐工 LW1200K

    2016-12-08 13:40:18.0
    LW1200K 能变身很多东西。它是现代的大力水手,轻易举起17吨重的重物。它也是鹰眼,能完全穿汽球的动作。而且它切西瓜时的刀法就像是水果忍者。LW1200K is wearing so many hats. Like a modern Hercules, it easily lifts up to 17 tons of weight. It's also like Hawkeye, able to perform precise tasks like blowing off balloons. Needless to say, it is powerful enough to slice a watermelon effortlessly like Fruit Ninja.
  5. 徐工宝马中国2016 (360影片)

    徐工宝马中国2016 (360影片)

    2016-12-01 13:42:23.0
    向你展示徐工在宝马中国展出的第一条360° 影片,开始新奇的视觉享受旅程。滑动你的电话或者移动你的鼠标去体验这个视觉旅程。紧记发掘每个角落去欣赏所有展出的机械。 #徐工宝马16Present to you this amazing virtual tour in this very first XCMG 360° video taken in buama China 2016. Move your phone or mouse around to experience the virtual exhibition! Remember to explore every corner to see all of our showcased machines. #XCMGbauma16