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  1. 产品介紹


    2017-06-14 15:35:41.0
    你最想要哪一个组件?LW180K有各种附件可供选择,能协助你解决任何工作。 #产品介紹Which one do you desire?  LW180K has a wide variety of attachments to choose from, helping you to tackle any task. #XCMGproducts

  2. 最新消息


    2017-06-13 15:34:34.0
    某港口客户第四次批量采购徐工8吨级夹木钳装载机,因为其强劲的装载能力赢得了他的芳心。#徐工新闻A customer made a bulk purchase of 8 tonnage log loaders for the 4th time as the strong loading ability won over his heart.  #XCMGnews

  3. 生活化徐工


    2017-06-12 15:24:11.0
    你能解开这条徐工机械方程式吗﹖如果你知道答案就用一个心来响应吧﹗#生活化徐工Can you solve this XCMG machine equation? Give us a heart if you know the answer! #XCMGandyou

  4. 无尾挖机


    2016-12-30 14:11:51.0

    【#XCMGproducts】Sometimes, the best things come in small packages. When the operation space is limited, this tailless excavator will do you a surprise. XE15U is the smallest excavator in the D-series, yet with very high productivity!
    Design Copies:Title:  XE15U Hydraulic ExcavatorOperating Weight: 1795 kgMaximum Bucket Capacity: 0.04 m³Digging Force: 16 kN
  5. 安全而高效的方式运送混凝土


    2016-12-29 14:07:16.0
    【#徐工产品】在寻找一个安全而高效的方式运送混凝土? 徐工混凝土是最理想的选择! 以这部XZJ5310GJBB7 混凝土搅拌车为例,智能化设计和先进的智能X-Link系统,令用户成为实时掌握整机工作的专家。

    【#XCMGproducts】Looking for a safe and high efficient way to transport concrete? XCMG concrete equipment is the ideal choice! Take this sparkling XZJ5310GJBB7 Concrete Truck Mixer as an example, the intelligent design, and X-Link system helps user to real time master the working status of the machine.