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  1.  数说徐工


    2016-12-30 13:18:04.0
    【#徐工产品】有时候,最好的东西来至“小人物”。当作业环境狭小时,利用这无尾挖机施工也能感到豪华。XE15U是D系列中最小的挖机,但能达到高生产力!'【#XCMGproducts】Sometimes, the best things come in small packages. When the operation space is limited, this tailless excavator will do you a surprise. XE15U is the smallest excavator in the D-series, yet with very high productivity!
    Design Copies:Title:  XE15U Hydraulic ExcavatorOperating Weight: 1795 kgMaximum Bucket Capacity: 0.04 m³Digging Force: 16 kN

  2. 产品介紹


    2016-12-29 13:21:07.0
    【#徐工产品】在寻找一个安全而高效的方式运送混凝土? 徐工混凝土是最理想的选择! 以这部XZJ5310GJBB7 混凝土搅拌车为例,智能化设计和先进的智能X-Link系统,令用户成为实时掌握整机工作的专家。【#XCMGproducts】Looking for a safe and high efficient way to transport concrete? XCMG concrete equipment is the ideal choice! Take this sparkling XZJ5310GJBB7 Concrete Truck Mixer as an example, the intelligent design, and X-Link system helps user to real time master the working status of the machine.

  3. 徐工英雄


    2016-12-28 13:22:08.0
    【#徐工英雄】常言道,英雄就是为他人服务的人。徐工员工明白所有细节也是很重要的。他们专注,确保每个组核心件和机械能令别人的建筑梦成真。【#XCMGheroes】Some say, a hero is anyone who makes the world a better place. XCMG staff understands every detail counts, so they always stay focus, making sure the core parts and machines will actualize the world's construction dream.
  4. 产品介紹


    2016-12-26 13:23:59.0
    【#徐工产品】这XDE300电传动自卸车是令人难以置信的黄巨人。採用GE交流电驱动系统技术,成功减少了系统保养工作量,更大力提高了车辆爬坡能力。【#XCMGproducts】This XDE300 Electric Drive Dump Truck is an incredible yellow Hulk. By adopting GE alternator drive system technology, system maintenance workload has been reduced and its grade ability has improved dramatically.
  5. 圣诞节


    2016-12-25 13:25:00.0
    【#生活化徐工】除了驾着雪撬,驾着徐工机械并唱着圣诞歌曲,会令你欢笑全程! 在这个喜庆的节日,我们祝福你一个快乐圣诞和新年。【#XCMGandyou】 Instead of riding a sleigh, it's more fun to ride XCMG machines and sing X'mas carols while laughing all the way. In this joyful season, we'd like to wish you all a Merry X'mas and Happy New Year! 
    Design: +Logo & XCMG Machines