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  1. 徐工国际足迹


    2017-06-23 15:23:16.0
    【#徐工国际足迹】这完美地展现了装载机的高容量! 照片是在建设美国城市时刻拍下的。【#XCMGworldchamp】This shows exactly how epic the bucket capacity is! The moment was captured during a construction of a new city in the states.

  2. 产品介紹


    2017-06-22 15:21:37.0
    【#數說徐工】这款创新的越野U乐国际娱乐RT70U十项全能。您可以依靠它最佳的灵活性、举世无双的起重能力和高耐用性来完成工作。设计文字:标题:越野U乐国际娱乐 RT70U最大额定起重量:65t最大爬坡率:65%【#XCMGproducts】This highly innovative off-road crane RT70U got it all. You could count on its top flexibility, unmatched lifting power and durability to get the job done.Design Text:Title: Rough Terrain Crane RT70UMax. Rated Lifting Capacity: 65tMax. Gradeability: 65%

  3. 徐工国际足迹


    2017-06-21 15:20:18.0
    【#徐工国际足迹】我们为XCT40U在奥兰多Fun Spot America 乐园带来了乐趣感到自豪。这部汽车U乐国际娱乐具有巨大负载能力。它在2017年拉斯韦加斯CONEXPO-CON / AGG展会上,在美国舞台的首次登场,现在正在该国国土上闪耀。【#XCMGworldchamp】We are just like any proud parent. XCT40U contributes to the great fun at an Orlando theme park, Fun Spot America. This truck crane features enormous load capacities. It made its first apperance in America at the Las Vegas CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 and it is now shining across the country.

  4. 徐工使命


    2017-06-20 15:18:54.0
    【#徐工使命】我们继续以经验追求卓越,因为我们相信会迎来成功。就像徐工匠人老管,经历20多年的执着坚守,成为屡获殊荣的金牌工匠。【#XCMGvision】We continue building on our legacy with excellence as we believe success will follow. Just like Mr. Guan, for pursuing perfection at work in XCMG over 20 years,  he becomes an award-winning sheet metal craftsman.

  5. 生活化徐工


    2017-06-19 15:13:40.0
    【#生活化徐工】又是玩 “找茬游戏”的时间了。这是一帧平地机GR135在波兰克拉科夫施工的图片。留言告诉我们,你在下图找到和上面原图不同的3个地方吧。

    【#XCMGandyou】Let's 'Spot the Difference' again. Here's a picture of XCMG motor grader GR135 working in Krakau, Poland. Do you have a keen eye on details? Comment below the 3 differences you find and we'll share the answer next week.
    Answer: Thanks for participating in the game. Here is the answer:-------------------------------Design Guideline1. The back wheels turn into crawler2. The wheel track on the ground disappears3.  The car on the right-hand side disappears